17 West Griffith

Box 10

Shelburn, Indiana 47879

(812) 397-2210


Librarian:  Nondus Murray


                                      BRANCH HOURS 

 Tues. - Fri.      12:00 - 5:00

 Mon. and Sun. Closed  

 Sat.      9:00 - 2:00


The Library Has Many Resources and Services to Offer  Patrons

  • photocopier

  • computer for public use with Internet access

  • word processor and games

  • videos

  • adult and juvenile fiction and non-fiction

  • large print books

  • audio cassettes

  • periodicals

  • reference

  • Christian fiction

  • household battery recycle drop-off box

  •  eyeglass recycle drop-off box sponsored by Lions Club

  • drop off site for recycling computer ink cartridges

  • display notices for nonprofit organizations

  • interlibrary loan

  • story time for preschoolers

  • organized activities for children

A  Little History

The Shelburn Public Library was opened around 1964-65, in Shelburn, Indiana on Mill Street where the Nash Appliance business was located.  Stella Gill was the first librarian and worked hard to get things started.

The old floor was oil soaked and next to impossible to keep clean.  The advantage was that there was more room than we now have.  There have been many changes over the years.  New services have been added, old things changed or eliminated.

The biggest change would be the move to Griffith Street.  We're now located in the Community Building.  We are in the northwest corner but we have our own separate entry on the north side of the building.  The Community Building was built by the community in the '60's.  We became part of the Sullivan Library System in the early 70's.

In 2002 the Library was remodeled and enlarged.

A good example of change are the Bookmobiles that used to travel the roads bringing books to schools and designated stops.  They were a great thing but they have served their purpose and are no longer needed in our county.  Bookmobiles are now a pleasant memory of the past.

Individual schools now have much more extensive libraries than they did in the past.  Traveling libraries are as much a part of the past as computers are part of the present.

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