Friends of the Sullivan County Public Library

Friends new Book Sale sign

    Book Sale!    The Friends' of the Library will be conducting a Used Book Sale the 2nd Saturday of every month (except during the Merom Chautauqua and the Sullivan Corn Festival because we will be at the festivals) from 10:00-1:00 in our Friends room.  We have a good assortment of donated and discarded books.  The room is heated and carpeted.

Here Are a Few Examples of What the FRIENDS Have Done for the Library

The Friends have helped with Summer Reading expenses, supplied refreshments at various talks, hosted book sales monthly at the library garage, hosted book sales annually during the Merom Chautauqua and Sullivan Corn Festival, supplied children's books as prizes, and much more.

The Friends and the Sullivan County Historical Society co-sponsored an appearance by the author of Hoosiers All, Everson Hauck.  Copies of the book were donated to the local high schools.

The Friends helped make it possible for Marion Walker to come to the library to speak about the Battle of Iwo Jima in WW II.  He gave a copy of his book, Preparing for the Rain on Iwo Jima Isle, to the library.


The FRIENDS  OF THE LIBRARY, the Sullivan County Historical Society, and the Sullivan Library sponsored an informative World War II talk. There were many items on display including the military uniforms shown at the left.

Children ages preschool to 4th grade who came to a library (Sullivan, Carlisle, Dugger, Farmersburg, Merom or Shelburn) in costume during the hours of operation received a free book in their Trick or Treat bag as a gift from the Friends of the Library.  Great treat that lasts longer than candy!

Marlis Day gave a Book Talk sponsored by the Friends of the Library .

She is the author of 3 "Cozy Mysteries".

Her books include: Why Johnny Died

Death of a Hoosier Schoolmaster

Curriculum Murders

Come by and check one out!


Sponsored our Valentine Event

Fall into Chocolate

What do Friends do?

The purpose of the Friends organization is to help the library by raising funds and filling library needs under the auspices of the library Board of Trustees and the library Director, who serves as a liaison between the library Board and the Friends group.  For example, the Trustees might need assistance with money for summer reading program refreshments, an expense not allowed in the library budget.  A Friends fund raising project could fill this need.

Friends of the Library accept donated books to be used in their two yearly book sale projects.  We can accept everything but condensed books i.e. Reader's Digest Condensed.  We have had little success reselling condensed books.
We also do not accept medical books since old books may contain health information that is no longer correct. 
Since computers are so available to people, we find that they have little need of encyclopedias.   All other books and videos are welcome.

Is This Going to Be a Lot of Work?

You may participate as little or as much as you would like.  You might be asked to work a shift at a book sale, for instance, or if you do not have time to give, your membership dues would be welcome.

How Much is the Membership Fee?

$5.00 annually, due May 1 of each year. 

Are There a Lot of Meetings?

No, just one meeting a year for the general membership.  The meeting is in May for the purpose of electing the governing body - four officers and not more than five directors.

Print the form below, add your $5.00 membership fee and drop it off at the main or branch libraries or mail :  Sullivan County Public Library 

                                                                100 South Crowder

                                                                 Sullivan, IN 47882                                                                     





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