Meet out new library pet.  

                    Did you know?
Males are boars, females are sow, and babies are pups
The term for bucking and throwing themselves into the air when happy is "popcorning"
Cavy is the proper name for a guinea pig

                        Did you know?
Guinea pigs are native to South American
Guinea pigs can jump 12 inches
Guinea pigs can purr
All guinea pigs have bald patches behind their ears
Guinea pigs have 4 toes on their front feet and 3 toes on their hind feet
A guinea pig's teeth never stop growing

                    Did you know?
Guinea pigs may live 5-7 years or more
Cavies are easily startled, so use a quiet voice and slow movements
An occasional bath is nice
They shed so combing is nice
Toenails need clipped
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